I was all set to respond here yesterday to the comments on RWC about blogging, specifically those who claimed blogging was entirely too time consuming and that they’d rather be writing their novel than writing in their blog.

All I can say to that is: Where is your sense of procrastination?

Seriously, I was going to write about how easy I found blogging, especially since I’ve always kept a journal anyway. And I think that by nature writers have a lot to say on a variety of topics. I was going to say that I do not find blogging to be time consuming and I usually blog several times a week, more when the inspiration really hits. And I still truly believe this – it’s not the blogging that gets you – it’s the extras.

Building the sidebar. Adding links and pictures and learning to actually use the blog becomes not only all-encompassing but fun, especially when all the fun pictures actually show up on your sidebar. And then, of course, if you’re obsessive like me you must try all the blogrolling features to decide if your links should be scrolled alphabetically or in some fun greater to lesser pattern. But seriously, once that’s done (done being a very relative term here) I think that if you find blogging to be too hard or time consuming then it’s not for you. It’s not meant to be another chore in a writer’s day, and I can tell when I’ve read a blog where the entry is exactly that. Especially the ones that begin with: I really must blog more. Even so, I still read them, since I am nosey and love to know that another writer is despairing or celebrating.

As I’ve mentioned, I was going to write about this yesterday. However, one of the parts of my website that I run, my Destiny pages, had a meltdown and Webstudio kept crashing. It took a good part of my morning and afternoon and several whining emails and a phone call to the Oh Great and Powerful One (my webmistress and fabulous author, Marjorie) to get is semi sorted out. So those pages are still screwed up.

Even so, I managed to churn out some decent stuff last night. And in honor of my other blogging friends, I’m going to keep track of pages written for the world to see because it’s inspiring. I guess that means I have to start keeping count…I think I wrote somewhere around 8 pages yesterday. From now on, I’ll place it on the top of my entry.

Steph T.