I thought this was so cool!

Record Grouper 1.jpg

This is my husband’s cousin, Jason, with his potential world record grouper of 400+ lbs. Jason’s a professional sport fisherman, lives in Tanzania, Africa, which is where my husband was born, and holds many continent fishing records. In fact, one morning, we were watching ESPN fishing and they were filming from Jason’s boat! We’ve been to Africa a few times to visit, and for safari, and of course did some fishing with Jason and crew – and I love sport fishing. Last time we were there, my husband caught record setting black Marlin (404 lbs), but Jason just caught a 500+lb one, so my husband’s itching to go back and claim his title. I was proud of my 100+ lb. tuna and mahi-mahi, although I really wanted a shark. I had one on the line at one point and it was amazing, but it snapped the line. I know Jason was grateful, since he didn’t want to spend the whole day wrestling with it, but one of these days…

Steph T.