I’m loving my new laptop and I’ve actually been able to hook up and work my MP3 player, which was a huge goal of mine. Since all the software is loaded already, all I had to do was plug it in and download it after I made my playlists. Now I have no excuse for not getting on the treadmill at some point today. I’ve also been transcribing all my longhand writing I got done in the hospital and realizing that over half of what I wrote was pure crap. Which is okay, considering half the time I was writing I was not concentrating at all – I was just going through the motions, forcing myself to stay in the habit. I’m sure I can cull something out of it.

Also, thanks to Lydia’s rant, I now have another justification not to enter contests – at least not the ones that the winner is determined by reader votes. I just don’t think those are fair even when people don’t cheat. It comes down to how many friends you have who are online versus how good a writer you are. Contests are subjective enough anyway without that kind of stuff. Personally, I think H/S should do something now, rather than letting the voting go on. Maybe the editors could step in and make the final determination or something, which would take away the choice from the public and maybe turn the contest around for those entrants who did things fair and square. They deserve to at least have their fulls requested and read.

And thanks for all the well wishes for my daughter! It’s good to be back!

Steph T.