It’s soooo good to be back home! My daughter’s surgery was a big success, so thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers – I know they helped. Now, if they could just help my back, which is in very bad condition after sleeping in chairs for two weeks. The eight hour drive home didn’t help much either.

Anyway, I had planned to blog from the hospital – even set up the dreaded AOL account (my husband and IT guy are very against AOL, but they understood my internet addiction and wisely said nothing). But when I finally got a chance to plug in my laptop, it died. Sang a little song, kind of like TAPS for computers, and then it wouldn’t turn on anymore. (I’m not blaming AOL for this, but now that I think about it, it does seem suspicious) So I spent most of the week building my new laptop from Dell. It’s here, just waiting for my wonderfully talented IT guy to hook it up for me so I can type in the 40 handwritten pages I got accomplished in between the hospital craziness. Amazing what happens when you barely sleep. Maybe Sherrilyn Kenyon isn’t lying when she says she’s so prolific because she doesn’t sleep.

Okay – plan to spend the day catching up on blogs, etc.

Steph T.