I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’m having such trouble with my newest WIP. And then I realized I had the same trouble with the first book in the series, the one that got me my agent and is out with editors, which made me feel better because obviously I did something right, even if it doesn’t sell -(said to appease the gods of fortune)

I’m worried I’m not going to give my character the book he deserves. See, I love these three alpha males I’ve created. (okay – I fall in love with all my male characters, but these three are special) And I think I don’t want to let them go until I’ve created the most special storyline/heroine I can possibly think up. And although the writing of Flirting with Destiny went very very quickly (I think I wrote most of it in about a week. Over Christmas. No one in my family was very happy with me, especially when I came downstairs at one point and said something to my husband like, “oh – you got a tree and decorated it already?” But it took my about six months or more to think about it while I was in the process of writing another book. When I got comfortable with the fact that once I wrote the book the character would bascially be done, in a good way, of course, it was easier to let him go. I think it must all tie into the whole worry of being able to begin another book while mourning the one you’ve finished. I mean, I want all my characters to get the HEA, but letting them go on to live their own lives is hard. (This does not bode well for my daughter at all)

So my growly alpha male (I’m picturing him very yummy too, Sylvia) is beginning to get used to life without me (and vice-versa). And writing is going more smoothly. For now, anyway. Finding two more songs for inspiration helped lots too. They’re not new but I’ve just fallen in love with them: Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me and Amanda Ghost’s Flithy Mind.

And here are a few examples of why I love blogs. Thanks to Cece,I’ve learned that jury duty in my state can be as fun as going to a party, and thanks to Alison, I’ve learned to close the comment sections on older blog entries to avoid spammers. And a fun new site I’ve bookmarked, thanks to Lydia, is the Urban Legends Reference Page – great for both research and procrastination.

And finally, it wouldn’t be Sunday without a quiz. without a quiz! Thanks to gynodummy.com for this one.

Steph T.