Okay, got one of those for Christmas. Last Christmas, I think, but it could have been two years ago. I tend to lose track of time, usually can’t tell you what day of the week it actually is, and I think that’s very writerly of me, so it’s okay. Anyhow, it should be the perfect gift for me because I love music and love random songs and learned to downlaod from the internet years ago. (That impressed my teen-age neighbors) But I can’t work the damned MP3 player. I can download songs into it, sort of, but there aren’t really directions which tell me how to set up my playlist, organize the music, etc. Am I supposed to just know this stuff? Anyway – that’s my goal in the next few days – to learn how to work the thing so my husband doesn’t look at it and shake his head. Notice, though, he doesn’t know how to use it either or he would have acquired it as a shared gift months ago for his wild poison ivy runs through the woods.

And my wonderful crit partner Katie helped me break through my WIP in a big way. Thank God for perspective. Things are actually moving along with the ms now that I’ve stopped forcing my character to know something she’s not supposed to know. Suddenly, she’s all cooperative and the hero is still all moody but in a good, alpha male growly kind of way.

And blogrolling seems to be back under control – it was messing with my sidebar in a big way and took away all the pretty pictures and links for a while. I say this because I want it noted for the record that when blogrolling had fatal errors earlier, it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t open any viruses. In fact I now rabidly delete anything that looks in the least bit suspicious.

Oh, and before I forget – do any of you guys have/use business cards? Do I need one and if the answer is yes, what do I put on it?
(I know, totally random, but it’s late and I’m procrastinating. there are only so many quizilla quizzes I can justify in one day)

Remnants of Ivan have just hit NY – it’s pouring here. I’m hoping to hear from Larissa soon…

Steph T.