Not for me, but for my friends I mentioned a while ago. And it’s interesting looking at houses for someone else, because you’re looking at them from a whole new perspective. It’s also interesting for me, because it highlights my writing style and preferences.

I’ve always said that I’m not a ‘visual’ person and must work hard on giving my reader a sense of place and time in my books. I don’t notice surroundings because I’m so focused on the characters. During this house hunting experience, I’ve been focused on the character of the house, the feeling the house invokes in me. Whether or not I end up liking it comes with that same instinctive ‘gut’ feeling that I use when I create a character I love and want to run with him/her. With each and every house I’ve walked into, I’ve lost focus on things like, ‘how many rooms’ and insead found myself kind of wandering through the layout, ignoring the way the real estate agent wants me to look at the house.

Did I mention I don’t plot at all when I write? Why plot, when the characters will certainly have their own plans for their lives? Of course, they usually do end up driving me crazy with their own plans, especially when I give them too many choices.

In other news, my daughter’s operation was finally approved by insurance. Thank you to everyone for their good karma, which I am now directing solidly toward Larissa and praying that Ivan sputters out quickly.

Steph T.