Okay – first, the book plug for one of my first ever-crit partners and friends, Phyllis Marie Campbell, aka CH Scott. This is her first publication, with several more already on the way, and I’m thrilled for her. The book is called Woman Seeking Man, published by New Concepts Publishing. Here’s a teaser:

Doctor Jordan Reed doesn’t want another controlling man in her life. To satisfy her nagging stepmother, she decides to hire someone to portray her new love interest to show her stepmother and Jordan’s ex-boyfriend that she is happy.

Brock Hamill blames Dr. Reed for his sister’s suicide. Disguised as a pathetic patient, he embarks on a mission to discredit the psychiatrist. But he has difficulty seeing past the gorgeous doctor.

Amid lust and deceit, Brock discovers Jordan’s life is being threatened. He’ll do anything he can to help, even show her his true identity. But will she forgive him when she finds out the reasons behind his disguise?

Yeah Marie!!!

And it’s the weekend, which means that I might actually get some writing done guilt-free, since I can’t bother insurance companies over the weekend. Well, not much anyway.

And hopfully someone will find a fun quizilla quiz for me to procrastinate a bit with.

Steph T.