,…and my dilemma. Well, first it was, did I spell dilemma right? And I’m still not sure cause it looks strange. And no, I’m not looking it up – that’s what 18 years of Catholic education does to a person – it makes them want to do the exact opposite of what they should do. (Sorry, Sister Helen-Joseph).

I want to add The Red Tent by Anita Diamant to my sidebar under favorite romance books. It’s not classified as romance, but rather as that all inclusive fiction – maybe even women’s fiction. But to me, the book is filled with so many romantic elements – it’s such a beautful story. The author herself “points out that The Red Tent is not a translation but a work of fiction. Its perspective and focus-by and about the female characters-distinguishes it from the Biblical account in which women are usually peripheral and often totally silent. By giving Dinah a voice and by providing texture and content to the sketchy Biblical descriptions, my book is a radical departure from the historical text.”

A book that empowers women certainly fits my definition of romance. I think I am going to add it, going by the old adage that it’s certainly easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Hey Anita – it’s a huge compliment!!

I’m also going to have to add two more blogs to my sidebar because both of them gave me a huge pick-me-up this morning. The first is Sasha White’s blog (I’ve given you the link to the joke that still has me ROFLMAO) and the other is Celia Stuart (I’ve given you the link to her entry about saying no and finding confidence in your writing – very inspiring).

So all that stuff will be added as soon as I decide to procrastinate a bit from writing today (which should happen as soon as I sit down and actually open the file on my computer)

Happy Sunday and happy writing!

Steph T.