The LOTR movie was my reward to myself for writing 30 pages of my new WIP, A Date with Destiny over the past two days. And they’re the starting chapters, which are always the toughest for me, since I write the first three chapters or so in order and then I pretty much write any scene that comes to mind. Gets a little crazy but in the end it all comes together – I try not to question it too much anymore, since I’ve made it through five complete mss this way.

Anyway – my favorite part of the movie (okay, aside from any scene Viggo/Aragon was in) was when the blond woman (I’m really bad with names) is up against that thing no man can kill – and she whips off her helmut and tells him, “I am no man.” I swear I heard strains of I am Woman, Hear Me Roar in the background. Oh, and the army of dead people was really good too, but by the end, I really was ready to take Frodo and throw him into the river of lava myself. Too much Frodo, and then ending was way too drawn out. I’m all for symbolism (English major here) but by the end it was like symbolism was beating you over the head every single second. And then I had my husband in the background after Frodo’s finger was bitten off – “See, Frodo is very like Luke Skywalker. Remember Luke lost his hand…”

He was not an English major.

Still, I am going to ask for the trilogy boxed set for Christmas and plan on watching it again by myself. (love you, husband and child)

Oh, and in the middle of the movie, a grasshopper came flying out of nowhere at me. I’m now convinced that the house is overrun with plagues and locusts. Not a great way to go to sleep.

Steph T.