…other days you’re the pinata.

Yesterday, I was the pinata and I’m still a bit sore today. But I’m slowly climbing out of my rancid mood and I actually got my next two books in the Destiny series under control. I wrote my prologue for A Date with Destiny, something I’d been putting off because I hadn’t found my hook. And I also reworked the first chapter of Dealing with Destiny. I think what helps is that I’ve had time away from these books/ideas for a while. Now, coming back to them, I see what isn’t going to work in terms of my series and I’m able to be much more ruthless about cutting out what’s not helping. Sometimes it means cutting good stuff but I keep telling myself that it’s dialogue/plot I can use for another book. My favorite thing about this series (besides my Navy SEALs, of course) is the fact that it can be over the top. Sometimes it’s way over the top, but since they’re termed paranormal military romance, I can get away with a bit more craziness.

I’ve updated my sidebar – adding pictures (I know I’ve got to figure out how to put spaces between the books but for now I’m just happy with how pretty it all looks). I’ve also updated the ‘what I’m reading’ section, in anticipation of receiving the ARC (it’s not in stores yet but I won this copy) of The Bane Affair by Alison Kent.

My advice for the day: It’s much better when you’re the stick.

Steph T.