I finally watched this show the other night – caught the episode where the conjoined twins were being separated. WOW. Powerful show. Great characters. Tons of conflict, inner angst and a great setting. And then, last night, in my migraine haze, I caught the episode where the man gets breast implants. I didn’t see the whole thing, but I think he was just planning on staying a man with boobs.

It scared me. And then one of the doctors had this thing going with a doll…

I might have to stick with Rescue Me and The Newlyweds.

Okay – I’m going to get writing done today. I need blurbs for my two sequels – so happy writing today, everyone, and thanks for listening to yesterday’s rant.

Oh – but I do think I’ve found my real life’s theme song: Crystal by Stevie Nicks. That’s gotta help, right?

Steph T.