For my characters, that is. I’ve never been able to find my life’s theme song (thank you, Allie McBeal – I think this episode might be the only one I ever saw. I was never big on the whole whiny,’my-life-sucks-and-I-can’t-find-a-prince-charming’ kind of show – probably because I had way too many friends at the time who were very Allie McBeal-ish.) But, finding theme songs, soundtracks, if you will, for my characters is esential in my writing process. Sometimes the songs hit me before the characters and sometimes finding the theme song can help me develop my story.

So today I finally realized the problem I was having with my new story, A Date With Destiny (sequel to Flirting with Destiny). I didn’t have songs for my two main characters yet. And now I do. I also got some inspiration from the whole Hades thing yesterday (see, reading other blogs can be considered research), so he’s going to make an appearance in this book (it’s a paranormal series, so it’s okay to have Greek gods running around, right?). And I actually sat down and wrote, thought about, and took notes on the story for at least five hours today. Yes, there were the essential cookie breaks, but I got tons done and I feel much better about the story.

Now, I’m gonna go hunt me down a theme song . . .

Steph T.