Okay – I’ll try this again. I took the quiz, Which Greek God Are You Most Like (thanks,Alison) and tried to post the official picture results this morning. And then I found out the picture is way too big for the blog page, so for now I’m just going to rewrite my quiz results:

The Underworld: You are most like the Greek God Hades of the Underworld. In real life, you tend to judge people a lot, weighing up whether they deserve what they have. The underworld is simply where rewards are for the best, and punishments for the worst – and so you definitely believe in people getting what is coming to them. A believer in Karma, you rarely do anything wrong, but only because of the consequences. You confuse the world a great deal.
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Hmmm – never thought of myself as an underworld kind of person, but hey, everyone needs a job, and I’ll bet I could get some good writing time down there.

Steph T.