I know I’m coming in late on this one and I don’t know if RWA is becoming obsolete in terms of not keeping up with the evolving nature of romance. The whole chick-lit thing is semi-beyond me, because when it suits the purpose of the publisher/author/etc., the said genre is not associated with the romance genre at all. I mean, are you in or are you out? And, if you’re out, the argument that RWA isn’t embracing you is moot.

But I digress, because my main gripe with RWA is their website. Not so great, really. Especially the all important Agent and Industry, members only pages. They’re updated very infrequently and I’m finding that lots of the information is wrong. Like the response times they have claimed for certain publishers. Wrong. Some addresses are wrong. If RWA could get that together for me, I might stick around there for another year. Otherwise, I can get lots of the same information from other sites, like The Passionate Pen and Karen Fox’s site.

Oh – and I finished archiving my old blog entries! (I’m too Type-A to let it go unfinished for long).

Steph T.