First – here’s the link to my old blog in case you want to read old entries until I get them all posted here under archives.

(Okay – for a minute there, I had new blog anxiety. But I’m better now.)

Onto the business of writing. Today, I’m wrestling with my writing. My story is driving me crazy and I know why.

It’s not ready for paper yet. And, the more I try and force it, the harder it fights me. I just have to sit back and trust the fact that this happens to me with every book I write. Eventually, when it has fully formed, it will fly out and I will write it pretty quickly. But, until that happens, I sit here and feel the guilt of not writing. So I sit with my paper and my laptop and I try to write a bit on each. I sketch, make notes, research. I come up with ideas for different books. And, of course, I read other author’s blogs.

Alison Kent provided a link today to another author’s blog – and said author is concerned that there aren’t enough rules to govern blogging. She feels we need to come up with a reason as to why we blog. She’s not sure if a reader will care about a writer’s day-to-day activities. She’s not sure if we should use our blogs purely for promotional purposes (yet her blog is linked to publisher’s marketplace) She worries that we should be using all our good material for writing and that the blog will be full of leftovers.

She wants to regulate blogging.

I ran screaming from her blog the way I did from the eharlequin boards not too long ago. (People were making up way too many rules out of the blue and claiming them as gospel truth.) Which is a shame, because I’d already skimmed over some older entries, and I could tell her blog would probably amuse me.

Why do I blog? First, I find it cathartic. Second, I love reading blogs because I love knowing that other writers are struggling with the same things I am (and because most of the writers I know are very funny and sarcastic people and I like to laugh), so I assume people read my blog for some of the same reasons. (Of course, I could be totally wrong). Do I keep in mind the fact that the blog is a promotional tool? Absolutely. Do I want to think any harder about how my blog impacts life in general? – Nope. I just want to have fun. I want to make someone smile. Laugh. Learn something. Get away from whatever problems/issues they might be having for just a minute. I want to rant and rave, if I feel like it. Toss out a few books I enjoyed and welcome comments about anything and everything.

No rules in this blog.

Steph T.