from a new blog I found called Cup of Chica. (Isn’t that a great name? The most creative one I could come up with for my blog was Steph T.’s blog. ) Her entry made me laugh on Monday, which, if you read my post, you’ll know that wouldn’t have been easy to do then. (And yes, I was mean, but I couldn’t help it. Forgive me, but if I can’t rant here, where can I do it? ) Anyway – here’s quick quote that tied into what I was talking about the other day, actually what Lydia Joyce was talking about the other day, in terms of giving her readers her best work:

Other recent books I’ve read compulsively (In Cold Blood, The Quick & the Dead, The Wapshot Chronicle, to name a few) have not only enthralled me, they’ve filled me with a tingling creative desire, like a literary orgasm. When a book makes me actually crave the experience of sitting down to write, that’s when I know it’s Good.

I certainly wouldn’t mind giving someone a literary orgasm. But seriously, I know what she means, especially about the craving to write part. It’s also like me watching the summer Olympics and wishing I’d kept up with my swimming – makes me want to jump into a pool for a workout. Of course, watching Michael Phelps is enough to inspire anyone to do anything.

Anyway, speaking of athletics, thanks to my husband’s uncle I am on the cutting edge of cool for once. He does a bike ride for something called The Danny Fund once a year, and it’s tied into the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Which means that, on Saturday, we all got the yellow Live Strong bracelets that have been written about. Apparently there’s some kind of mad frenzy going on with people trying to get them. So, for the moment, I am in fashion. Ignore the old Champion shorts with the hole and my husband’s t-shirt and just focus on the bracelet. My husband is wearing it too, and wanted to know if it would get him a date with Sheryl Crow. I guess I can’t complain since I seem to be obsessed with Viggo.

Speaking of my husband’s family, I’ll share another funny with you. Since I’m home full-time with my daughter, the TV is always on. And my favorite new way to waste time and procrastinate writing is watching the People’s Court. So I’m watching and I here the name of my husband’s uncle’s band mentioned (different uncle than the yellow bracelet uncle). Seems he’s on the People’s Court suing someone (obviously). It’s hystercial. And, I must say, he had to be one of the best educated, well-spoken people I’ve ever seen on the show. Because really, I watch it for the Jerry Springer-like antics, not for well-spoken people who can argue their case effectively. And yes, my newest heroine is a lawyer, so I can justify watching it as research. (I can justify just about anything as research – try me). So I call my husband immediately, who knows nothing about it and has no TV at work to watch it (but I don’t get that, since he works at the Weather Channel., actually. But still, shouldn’t there be huge screens displaying weather from all around the world everywhere?) Apparently, no one knew he was going to be on the show and I’m the only one who saw it. And now that the story’s been leaked by me, I feel semi-guilty about saying anything. All right, I only told my husband but he told everyone. I guess that takes away my responsibility for the whole thing.

Okay, I guess I’ve thrilled you with my family stories for the day. I know they lose something in the translation. I’ve also finished Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Play. Let me tell you – it gives me a whole new appreciation for wolves. It’s a good read – similar to her others, a hero with lots of angst, but my favorite part is the heroine. The heroine’s size, actually. She’s not a skinny little thing (I admit I always make my heroines skinny-ish, probably because I’m not) – but this heroine is a size 16 and Vane, our hero, loves her curves.

Watch Rescue Me. Tonight. 10pm. FX channel.

Steph T.