…stupid people

Here was my conversation this morning with the secretary at my daughter’s doctor’s office. I’ve shortened it a bit, and you must know that I am very very nice on the phone. Very. And professional.
me: Hi Debbie. You said you were going to fax me the insurance document on Thursday.
Debbie: Oh. You didn’t get it?
me (what I’d really LIKE to say): Of course I got it on Thursday. I just thought I’d call and leave you two messages on Friday and call you again twice this morning because I really like leaving messages to annoy people for things they’ve already done.
me: (what I really said): No.
Debbie: Would you like me to send it again?
me: (What I’d LIKE to say). You know what – don’t bother. I’m just calling to tell you I didn’t get it and really wanted to make sure you got that message.
me: (What I really said): Yes.

Onto my carpet installation, which was supposed to begin today at 8:30am. At 9:15 I called over to the carpet store.
me: Hi – I’m just calling to check on my installation for today. I was told you guys would be here around 8:30.
carpet store: Oh. It’s raining.
me: (once again, what I’d like to say): Oh, I’m SO sorry. I totally forgot that you can’t deliver carpets in the rain – that was in the contract we signed. (BTW, it’s rain – not a hurricaine, tropical storm, flood, etc. Plain old friggin’ rain).
me: (What I did say) Okay – thanks for the update.

And when the carpet guy did finally come, turns out he’s recovering from bronchitis. And I have an immune compromised child. I’ve been scrubbing everyone and everything down with alchohol. Everything. It has NOT been a good morning thus far.

Steph T.