I didn’t realize how much I loved optimum online until I had to use a dial-up service while we were away. I know I’m impatient but it was really slow and I’m happy to be back to the land of instant gratification.

Anyway, I did get caught up on my reading – first on my list was The Jewel and The Sword by Marjorie Jones. What a fantastic read, complete with a to-die-for hero and a heroine who matched him completely. I also read two of Linda Howard’s backlist, Dream Man (excellent) and White Lies, which I believe was orginally an SIM, and I found it not as compelling. And I also read The Bourne Identity. Not bad, but since it’s not a romance, it didn’t pull me in quite as well. I think I’ll probably like the movie a bit better. I also got through Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress (since I gave up on The DaVinci Code). I forced myself to finish it, since everyone’s been raving about him, but I wasn’t inspired to read anything more by him. Lined up next is The Bourne Supremecy and Night Play. I’m bribing myself with those, since I also got some writing done while I was away and am now dreading typing it all up. So reading those, and my new Vanity Fair magazine will be my reward. (I already cheated and read Star magazine). But now, after reading Larissa’s blog, I have to go back and make sure none of my heroine’s are suffering from RHRDS.

And check out Betty’s new website – she’s writing as PJ Womack and her site is beautiful.

Steph T. @ 2:25pm