Now, I’ve been accused of not knowing how to relax anymore, but really, traveling with a three year old brings the term ‘gear’ to a whole new level. And we’re leaving for Montauk in a few hours and I haven’t even started packing yet. I’m hoping once I’m there I’ll get caught up in the beach spirit. And, at least I’ll get to catch up on my reading and maybe even do some writing on my two newest WIP. But it’s funny how different my ‘writing’ style is from my ‘life’ style. See, in real life, I’m a planner – I have a palm pilot, a filofax and a desk calander and I update all of them. I make lists and check them more than twice. I like to know what I’m doing a month down the line so I can plan. But, in my writing world, I don’t really plot at all. I let the characters guide me, and if I get stuck, I just write any scene that comes to my mind. I don’t usually write a book in order at all, save for the first three chapters (although sometimes, those books don’t end up being the first three chapters at all. I’m able to turn off that internal editor and just write. And when the pages are done I just move on to the next ones. I’m not a big line editor (which my crit partner can attest to ) I guess I enjoy being freer in my writing life than I do in my ‘real’ life – and I guess that’s why I really do love writing so much.

As for blogging – well, you might not see me till Monday, unless my new web based blog is up before then. Right now, I work off WebStudio, which is great, but I’ll only have an internet connection on my husband’s computer, and I can’t load webstudio onto his computer. So I will miss blogging but at least I won’t be totally cut off from the rest of the blogs I read daily.

See you all next week!

Steph T.