Viggo Mortensen was in the movie Crimson Tide, which was the movie my husband and I saw on our very first date. (See, I associate them together, so it’s perfectly okay for me to post pics of Viggo here. Really. It is.)

That the end of a vegetable peeler was specially made to take the eyes out of potatoes.

That Lisa Gardner had her first novel accepted when she was a junior in college. (I’ve tried to hate her for that, but she seems so nice and funny and she’s got tons of helpful stuff on her site)

That ISP meant Internet Service Provider. I thought it was some fancy computer term,like html.

That five of my ex-students would end up on the police blotter this summer. In separate incidents. (I suspected it might happen but hoped it wouldn’t)

That when you finish writing a book, the feeling is a cross between elation and fear.

That I would be able to function with such little sleep.

Yeah, I know – these things have little to do with writing, but you need to just bear with me sometimes. I can’t control what comes out of my brain. And speaking of sleep, I sorely need some and soon. I just finished revisions on FWD, and hopefully I’ve made some good and necessary changes. I really love my characters in this book, especially my hero.

And thanks for the comments, Sasha! You will love the Dark Hunter books – all the men are tall, gorgeous and tortured – and they kill demons too. You can’t go wrong. Let me know what you think of them, ‘kay? And good luck with the WIP.

Steph T.