I’m procrastinating writing again. Well, that’s not entirely true – I did just write a new part of a prologue for Flirting With Destiny, but half of it was written longhand yesterday while I researched things about reading tea leaves. Yes, longhand. Gena Showalter writes her whole book longhand (she’s also started a blog). I’m half handwritten and half computer, whatever mood strikes me. Hey, as long as the words are flowing, I don’t care what format they go to – they’re down on a page, right?

Anyway, back to the Dark Hunter thing. See, when I procrastinate, I surf all around the web just to make sure I haven’t missed anything of major importance in the twenty-five minutes that I’ve been offline. Nothing to report there, since the entire romance community seems to have vanished into Dalls, never to be seen again. (All right, they’ll be back Monday, but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic). So I went to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s site (it’s massive and you can really get lost in there. So much fun). And I came across Acheron’s story, which sets up the beginning premise for her dark hunter series. It gave me my Dark Hunter fix until Night Play comes out, although there have already been sightings of the actual book. Amazon, I really like you, but lately you’re a little slow on the take. And, as long as we’re on Dark Hunters, I found this quiz – take it to find out which Dark Hunter you’re most like.

Did you watch Rescue Me yet? Did you like it? The second episode was sooo good.

Steph T.