and other urban myths – and Betty W. SOLD!!!!

Thanks for your comments, Sidonie (aka cherchez la femme) re my 7/27 blog. Can’t wait till I get my new blog and can actually add the comments people make more easily. It always makes me happy to hear that (okay, yes, that people agree with me, but really, I could handle it if you didn’t) there are other writers who actually still love writing too. (Jerri and I talked about this last week too – thanks Jerri!). Sidonie also reminded me of the Mrs. Giggles’ article (rant, actually) on the Janet Evanovich empire. I have to admit, I might be the only person on the planet who hasn’t read anything by her, mainly because I don’t really like reading first person narratives – I miss my hero’s pov way too much. And please, don’t tell me that you can learn a ton about the hero if the first person pov is done right – it’s NOT the same at all. Anyway – I can’t agree or disagree with Mrs. Giggles because it wouldn’t be an informed opinion, but I do think it must be hard to stay fresh using the same three characters over and over again. I think I would lose my mind, but then again, I get bored easily. When I was teaching, no matter how much I loved my classes that year, by the beginning of March I would begin to think, “Can I get a new class in here? I’ve done all I can with these kids.” But, to be fair to Ms. E. – I have many many friends who adore her books. Maybe one of these days I’ll try one…

Onto the topic of books about writing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the books on writing except that I find most people read them in place of writing. It’s like the books that recommend keeping a notebook or journal of your ideas – “write in it every day,” they say. How about just writing a paragraph of your story instead, or some dialogue? Writing ABOUT your story is a lot different than actually writing it. And then you end up like those people who talk about the book they’re going to write but never write it because they’re so busy reading books on writing and worrying that they’re writing ‘the right way.’ I seriously hope there is never a ‘right way’ to write, because how boring would that be? People, stop worrying about the rules, follow the grammar basics and just write from your heart and soul. That’s the story that will sell, no matter how out there, crazy or rule breaking it is. And stop worrying about pov. I swear, if I hear one more person act like the pov authority, I might scream. It doesn’t matter if you switch pov’s mid-scene, every chapter or every other paragraph (like Nora Roberts and Tami Hoag) IF you pull people into your story. Crit Groups and Writer’s Loops are great things, but they can also paralyze beginning and unpubbed writers when supposed authorities on every subject pop on. Remember, they’re giving you their opinion. Your editor will have the final say and even then, you are allowed to disagree. Okay – off my soapbox for now.

In other, more fun, wonderful news, my friend Betty Womack has just sold three books to New Concepts Publishing!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve already had the pleasure of reading two of them and can’t wait to read the third – she creates some of the best sexual tension I’ve ever read!!! Yeah Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s in the process of getting a new website, so I’ll post that info here as soon as it’s up and running.

Steph T.