If you’re reading this, please know that your customer service sucks. There is really no better word to desribe it, or the fact that your repair and exchange program is a joke and a fraud. Do you really think that sending me, as a replacement for my in-pristine condition palm, a product that looks like the owner stepped on it, that barely works any better than my broken one does and is sticky, would make me happy? And now I’m labeled the troublemaker because I told you what you sent was unacceptable?

Moral of the rant: Do not buy Palm Pilot products any longer, unless you have plenty of disposable cash to buy a completely new one when yours breaks. Factory reconditioned my a**. I could do a better job reconditioning them in my garage. Sticky. EWWWWWWWWWWW.

I feel somewhat better now. This helps.

Steph T.