Morning, all. A few new sites of interest today: Unky Moods (they provided the devilish cartoon above) is a great place to find a cartoon that matches your mood. Lots of moods and very descriptive. Also, I discovered some new blogs: Meg Cabot and Sylvia Day. And I think Ireland Alexander is changing her writing name so her blog is now listed under cherchez la femme, which it what I should’ve called it in the first place.

Also, I must give you the link to the White Ribbon Campaign. It was a great reminder on how careful we all have to be on the internet and beyond. Between that and an ex-student calling me up after finding my name in the phone book (he was really nice, is 18 now and was starting a sales job) reminded me to first, unlist my name, number and address from the phone company. From there, I went on to start taking my real name off many other web-based info services, phone books, etc. And then I started unjoining (I know that’s not a real word but brain is not working well today) and rejoining my writer’s loops using my pen-name. A pain, yes, but really worth it. So read the articles listed under the link I gave you above – hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Was reading Alison Kent’s blog this morning, and was thinking about what she posted about Janet Evanovich and writing. I have to say, what Janet said bothered me, because I love writing, love what I do, and I don’t think I could do it anymore if it became that much of a burden. Then again, maybe I’m just naive. (and let’s not forget, unpubbed ) But really, if you’re not happy with what you’re writing or with writing in general, your readers will notice.

Oh, and Rescue Me is on tonight – FX at 10 pm. New episode. Can’t wait. Please someone, watch is and write me tomorrow so we can talk about how much I love Dennis Leary. He’s officially in my Viggo Mortenson category now.

Steph T.