* sob* It was awful. And I lost my original blog page in the disaster, so what you see here is my half-hearted attempts to recreate the sidebar until my new blog, which will be web based, is up and running sometime next week. In the meantime, my old sidebar is still available in the archived page for the first half of July and I had to jump back in because I missed blogging.

Okay, moving on . . .

I’m attempting to work on the next book in my Destiny series along with the first book in the T.A.G. series. Yes, I might actually get some writing done now that everything is running the way it’s supposed to. And it should be a relatively quiet week on all the boards I belong to, since the RWA Conference in Dallas starts tomorrow.

And I have a new show that I absolutely adore – it’s called Rescue Me, and it’s on the FX channel on Wednesday nights at 10pm. It stars Dennis Leary as a firefighter in post 9/11 New York. My husband and I were so struck with the reality of the show, and its balance of humor and sadness. Superbly written, although I do wonder if you have to live in this area to truly appreciate just how real these firefighters and their language are, or to fully understand the impact 9/11 had on this area. And I say that because I remember, on the year anniversary on 9/11, I was in a hospital in a different state with my daughter, and the headline for the newspaper that day was something like, ‘can’t we just get over 9/11 already.’ That was upsetting. But really, the show isn’t. Check it out. They’ve been repeating the first episode like crazy, so you might still catch it.

Steph T.