For Aries: Something is drawing to a close — an extremely surprising one. Better catch a nap after work, because the opportunity to actually rest may not happen again for a while.

Seriously, is this a good thing or not? Drawing to a close doesn’t always signify good – and maybe I’m really off today but the whole thing doesn’t even sound grammatically correct. And once again – there’s the whole surprise element. Have we not gone over this before – surprises do not equal fun to me.

If I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even understand my horoscope, what does that mean? Maybe I’d better go take that nap it suggested. A long one.

Oh – I also dicovered Booksquare’s blog last night – with separate ones for agent/publisher news and more. Maybe everyone knew about this already, but it seems like a good source of information. I’ll add it to my sidebar too at some point.

Steph T.