Just when I’ve really gotten the hang of using the palm pilot and gotten out of the filofax habit, the screen breaks. I sent it back to Palm and they sent it back to me, supposedly repaired. Nope – still broken. Now I’m waiting for my replacement and writing things down on scraps of paper that will obviously get lost within the next two minutes. I guess it could be worse – at least all the information is backed up on my computer.

As for the news, it’s not the BIG news, but it’s the big news that gets you closer to the BIG news. I still kind of can’t believe it’s happening, but when it’s all completed, I’ll tell you about it, because I know I love to know how stuff like this happens for other people.

Anyway – I’m still eagerly awaiting Marjorie Jones’s book, The Jewel and The Sword. She’s got some copies already but Amazon’s a little slow these days. I’ve also got Sherrylin Kenyon’s newest, Night Play, on order and bought a few Linda Howards too. I read Kill and Tell for the first time last night (it’s one of her older ones) – I liked it – very dark and suspenseful and sexy. What more could you ask for? I’m also halfway through Katie McAlister’s, A Girl’s Guide to Vampires. It’s a good book, just hard for me to get through because I’m not a huge fan of first person narratives. But she is funny. And I’m still having problems breaking through The DaVinci Code. I’ve started and stopped it several times and I’m not sure why I’m having the problem. It’s the same on I had when I tried to read the first Harry Potter book, and I’m telling you, I can read anything and everything. Maybe I’m just way too picky these days to give up any precious writing time to any books that don’t grab me immediately.

Steph T.