I’m a blog junkie and I can freely admit it. I love knowing what other writers are doing/thinking at any given moment in their lives. I list a few fun ones to the right, but I’m selective because there’s nothing I find more frustrating than checking an author’s blog and finding nothing new written for weeks without giving any reasons for the absence. Really – why bother to have a blog if you’re not going to update it? So now, as soon as I get the patience to move everything on my sidebar down (I am certainly not a web designer – poor Marjorie really must trust me a lot if she lets me work this page myself) I will add these two writer blogs: Katie McAlister and Ireland Alexander. Katie writes almost daily and has gorgeous pictures of half-naked men posted at least once a week. Really, how can you go wrong? Besides, I have two of her book in my TBR piles. And once Ireland mentioned she was reading about Aphra Behn, I knew I liked her, since Aphra’s name isn’t one that comes up an awful lot.

So, if you’ve got a blog (either a writer or reader one), please feel free to contact me either through the contact page on my site or at stephanie@stephanietyler.com and I’ll be happy to add you to my list.

And, in the spirit of being absent from blogs for good reasons, I will be gone basking in the glorious sun of the Jersey shore for the weekend. Hence, no blogging till sometime Tuesday, but at least I’ll be tan and my mailman will get a vacation from me. And, if you really miss me, you could always read the excerpts from my site.

Steph T.