That seems to be the very nature of the writing business. Send out a query. Wait. Send out a partial. Wait. Send out a full. Wait. Bite nails. Eat chocolate. Find you are completely unable to write because you actually have a full ms out there that someone besides your trusted cp is reading. Spend time that should be set aside for writing wondering instead where exactly your ms is in said editor/agent’s office. Wonder if he/she is reading it at this exact moment. Wonder why your phone isn’t ringing. Get past another day with no bad news from the post office. Calculate exactly when your package would arrive at said editor/agent office, and then calculate reading time and the exact time you should receive the phone call OR the thwack of the rejected package against your doorstep. At some point, write maybe two or three paragraphs and then decide against writing more, in case your new editor/agent wants changes (really, that’s just good business, right? Why waste time?). IM cp and whine about wait times. Try and cultivate patience and then realize that, based on your astrological sign, that you have none, and it’s certainly not your fault – you can blame the alignment of the planets and the stars and even your mother. If that fails, listen to author Marianne Moore, who claims that “Impatience is the mark of independence, not of bondage.”

Aw, come on. Don’t look at me like that. I KNOW you’re doing the exact same thing. Well, if you’re a writer. if you’re not, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars that you’re not.

Steph T.