and I liked it . . .

I let my new copies of In Style linger for weeks before I put them into recycling without having read them. I throw decorating magazines aside. I will glance through the new Star magazine, because it’s always nice to see a celebrity having a fat day. But I’ve read through the newest issue of SOF twice. What does this mean? Do you think I should be worried? (My mother is – my husband, not so much).

So now I’ve joined the military book of the month club through SOF and it’s like I’m waiting for Christmas presents to arrive. Maybe I missed my calling . . .I have sudden urges to don jungle cammys and talk about things like ‘intel’ and ‘SIGARMS’ and can’t wait to read my new books with titles like FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons and Extreme Weather Survival. Those books are going to look great on my shelf next to my academic books from my other life, like The Uncanny, Desire and Domestic Fiction and Sex and Reason. (husband is now shaking his head).

Steph T.