A great day for me to give thanks for all those men and women who fight for my freedom every single day at their own risk. With guts like that, do you wonder why I chose to write about military heroes and heroines?

Okay – back to my horoscope for Aries: Leave the day in the hands of the universe, which will provide you with a full dose of everything you love best: adrenaline, fire and the unexpected .

I’ve been over this before – I do NOT like the unexpected. Unless, of course, the unexpected means a call from an editor or an agent saying – I LOVE YOUR BOOK! (Even then, I’d like some kind of warning). I’ll take the adrenaline and fire part though. As for leaving things in the hands of the universe – not easy for a control freak like Aries are known to be (*coughme*).

In other news – Marjorie Jones’ book, The Jewel and the Sword should be shipping right after the holiday. Go check out her newly redesigned website, sign up for her newsletter, enter her contest and just order her book – she’s an awesome writer.

Steph T.