Here are my random thoughts for the day:

1. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let Joel Steinberg out of jail? The parole board should take turns living with him as punishment. (They can share with the bleeding hearts who wanted him out too). Really. I never understood that whole – sentenced to twenty-five years, out in seventeen thing anyway. I mean,who cares if you’ve had good behavior in jail. Obviously, your behavior before jail wasn’t sparkling. And, from what it sounds like, this particular man was still violent in prison. Let’s get a grip, people.

2. Why do the Jehovah’s Witnesses think I need saving? They keep showing up at my door, assuring me that ‘Jesus will show me the way.’ Funny, didn’t realize that I was all that lost.

3. Why don’t they tell you on the package of swimmie diapers that they’re not pee-proof? Am I supposed to know things like that the instant I become a mother? One would think that if I’m going to put these diapers on my child in order to take her into a pool, I would want the diaper to hold in all offending substances. Not swimmies. ‘Pee is sterile,” another mother explained patiently to me, as though I were the foolish one. Like it’s okay for everyone to just pee in the pool. And, I just realized, since I put the diapers on way before we got the pool, that my daughter’s probably been peeing everywhere else too.

Scary inside my brain, isn’t it?

Steph T.