Seriously. I seem to have lost all of June, although, juding by the amount of blogging I did last month, I was obviously here and semi-coherent. I’m working hard to polish up one book and finish another. It’s kind of hard to do when the siren song of a new book and a fresh idea keep calling to me . . .

Okay – the writing loops are getting all worked up again over things like opinions. Sheesh – can’t a person have an opinion without everyone trying to convince them that they’re wrong? But, since this involved an area that’s somewhat in my expertise (English Literature, particularly women’s eighteenth century fiction), I’ll have to post my opinion here, mainly because I can.

Anything written by women tends to be downgraded as, well, written by women, When I was going for my PhD in English Lit., we used to joke that you had to study all the dead white authors first, and then you could look at everything else. And I truly believe that’s because women tend to write about love and relationships from a more sexualized point of view (thus giving reviewers for books like Fanny Hill and Pamela the impetus to call them pornographic and roundly dismiss them. Why is why they’re considered obscure and not regularly on college literature reading lists). When men write about sex (Lolita, Tropic of Cancer, etc.) it’s considered groundbreaking. And I don’t think thay making things historically accurate is going to help matters any. I think that we’re doing something important because we’re taking our sexuality back through our writing – accurate or not, women who write romance or women’s fiction or chick lit are taking control, much the was Jane Austen did. Doing this makes people uncomfortable. Hey, so did letting women vote at one point.

Look, the whole point of writing is that we write because we have something to say. It’s just one person’s opinion, but if it touches other people, we’ve done our jobs. But I do think that there’s nothing wrong with feeling that romance is used as escapism. I use many different genres as escapism, but to me, romance is the most fun of all. As for accuracy, well yeah, I believe it’s important. I write lots of military stuff, and have no military background, so I research a ton.

Steph T.