My husband has poison ivy. Not a big deal – he’s gotten it every single summer since I’ve known him. But this time, despite medication, it wasn’t getting better. Plus, it looks disgusting. So I’ve been trying to get him to go to the doctor for about a week. No luck. Tried to get him to go Saturday morning when his doctor was actually in his office. No way. Sunday morning’s covnersation went like this:

Zoo:(his nickname – long story. Real first name: Kazimierz.Don’t ask):Wow, this looks pretty bad.
Me: It looks infected. I think you need to go to the ER.
Zoo: I’m not going to the ER. It’s fine.
ten minutes later . . .
Zoo: Hey Steph, I think maybe I need to go to the ER for this.

Yep, okay. So we go. And it’s very crowded. And they’ve got some system there that no one can figure out, since they let an elderly woman and a young kid sit there for longer than my husband, and both of them are bleeding and have possible concussions. Now, I’m not a doctor, but I would think that taking the bleeding people first would be a really good idea. Really, because I waited three hours anyway so they could tell Zoo what I already knew – he needed more pills and he needed a shot. And I wouldn’t have been upset if they pushed him off so they could take care of the bleeding child who the mother swore was slipping in and out of consciousness. (Personally, I think he was just trying to block her out – I know I was). But at least everyone in the waiting room became very friendly as we tried to understand what the order of patient care was. Granted, it’s not a trauma center like the TV show ER, but I would think that you would have some kind of list, like crib notes, set-up for the woman who checks you in. It could read something like this:
1. Bleeding people, especially people who are bleeding from their heads, need to be taken in immediately. Do not let them sit in the waiting room with bloody rags on their heads, because, not only is that unsanitary, it’s a little traumatic for everyone involved.
2. People who are having trouble breathing should be taken immediately. Also traumatic to see.

Or they could even shorten it . . .BLEEDING AND NON-BREATHING PEOPLE FIRST. Simple, right?