Found this on the eharlequin boards under the Bombshell author thread, straight from the editor’s mouth –

Well it’s all one big party here at Bombshell! No, I’m kidding, really, it’s actually a lot of hard work, mostly reading and writing.

Let’s see. Every individual project may go through the system a little differently, but in general…

When a manuscript or partial from an unpublished author comes in, it is logged in by the editorial assistant for the series it was sent to. If it’s a full manuscript, it goes out to a freelance reader for evaluation, then comes back to the editorial assistant for the series. If the manuscript is a possibility for the line, it will go to an editor for further evaluation. If the editor likes it, it comes to the senior ed of the line for a read. Then you get your yes or no.

Most partials from unpublished writers are read by whomever they are sent to, assuming they’ve been submitted to an editor who is works on the series they’re intended for. The editor will then reject it or ask for a complete. When the complete comes, it goes through the process listed above.

Queries may be read by the person they’re sent to or by the editorial assistant for the series.

For published authors, projects are evaluated by the author’s editor. The editor will either have the author do revisions, if needed, or will pass the project to the appropriate senior editor.

Does that help?

Helped me. Thanks Natasha!