Don’t get me wrong – Viggo Mortenson is my favorite. Love him. So, of course, when my husband suggested watching Hidalgo the other night, I was all for it. Until I realized that horses were going to get hurt. So I spent most of the movie saying things like, “do you think Hidalgo is going to die during the race?” or ‘why is he letting Hidalgo go free – won’t the horse be sad?’ And my husband spent the whole time patiently telling me that the horse would be fine. But really, I couldn’t concentrate fully on Viggo because I was so worried about that damned horse. Guess I’ll have to pop in G.I. Jane or Lord of the Rings for my Viggo fix sans sad horse stuff.

Other random thoughts – I really like the new Ashlee Simpson song Pieces of Me, but I do not like her new show. Sadly, I think I might be too far out of her generation to fully appreciate it.

Steph T.