1. …you get your rejection from an agent / publisher in the mail BEFORE you even get the SASP back saying they’ve received it.

2. …when said rejection says, ‘thanks for your letter,’ but in reality you sent 50 pages of your ms (translation: Your rejection got stuffed into your SASE as fast as they could open the package (which cost $3.00 to mail) and throw it into the garbage

3. …when you get said rejection from agent claiming he/she is far too busy to take on new clients, yet, in the updated RWA claims to be eagerly looking for new talent.

4. …when just about every single person you know is getting a request for a full from the same publisher/agent . . .Translation: They’re fishing and requesting every single thing for the hell of it, not because they really really loved the letter/partial, etc.

5. …you’re not sure which is better: the six days a week you get mail or the one day a week there’s no threat of rejection.

6. …when you get a TON of requests from agents and pubs . . . unfortunately, that flurry of excitement usually ends up bringing a flurry of depression when all the rejections come in at the same time (just the way they came in)

Can you tell what MY mood is today? Of course, a trip to the local Home Depot did nothing to help that mood at all.

It’s got to get better, doesn’t it? (And, if you know for sure it doesn’t, please don’t tell me. At least not today.)

Steph T.