This one always makes me laugh. People find out that I’m a writer and they invariably ask what I write. I tell them I write romantic suspense and they kind of give you that look (you all know the one I’m talking about – the ‘oh, you write sex books’ looks. I just smile. And then the conversation usually continues, with the well-meaning person informing me that I should write a book about my daughter/the medical profession/a children’s book/a young adult book (look at that Harry Potter author). I tell them, very patiently, that I write romantic suspense and really have no interest in writing anything else. “But you should/you could make a lot of money/it wouldn’t be that hard to do . . . ” I finally tell them that if the book can’t have military men and sex scenes, it’s not something I’m interested in. That usually stops them (and horrifies my mother ).

Steph T.