or why does everyone get to see me in my p.j.’s?

Zoo went to the Buick Classic (big golf tornament for all you non-golfers, like me, out there). And all his friends/co-workers met him here this morning. Early this morning, as I’m sitting, in p.j.’s, no make-up, literally rolled out of bed, feeding my daughter. And, of course, Lily’s speech therapist is here (every morning she gets the pleasure of seeing my rolled out of bed look), as did the men who cut our grass. People must think I never get dressed. Come to think of it, that is one of the benefits of being a writer – comfy clothes and rolling from bed to computer. Except, I have a feeling that excuse is slightly more effective once you’ve actually sold something or you at least have an agent.

But really, I do get dressed every day at some point.

Steph T.