This was my mother’s question to me today. She then went on to insist that ‘those little kids’ are in all six of the movies. I tried explaining about hobbits, etc., to no avail. I think we had this same conversation last year, when she statrted to watch part two of LOTR and called to ask me why Harry Potter wasn’t given a starring role in the sequel.

I spend a lot of time on the computer researching things a normal person (read: non-writer) probably wouldn’t. Like whether or not there are Hells Angels in South America (there are and they even have their own website) or what some of the most dangerous places on earth are (I know you could guess those, but I needed specifics). I also have various spec op sites bookmarked, along with CIA and FBI websites and other subversive sites too. Wonder if the FBI has a file on me somewhere . . .can’t say I would blame them.

Steph T.