My migraines have decided to stick around for over two weeks this time. Usually I only have the pleasure of a one week bout before they leave. Oddly, I am usually more productive, writing-wise, during that time. Maybe it’s because I’m desperately trying to do anything but think about the pain pulsing through the right side of my head.

Thanks to KB I am moving along with FB and tightening up the first few chapters. It’s amazing what I miss (not little things, either). For example, my hero is supposed to be restrained yet he’s using his arms the whole chapter. Or, my favorite, I have the guard glaring at the bed while avoiding looking at the bed. Yes, another pair of brilliant eyes is most helpful.

And check out my homepage – there’s a link to the T.A.G site. Only the first page is up, but soon I’ll have all the pages up. Now, if only those agents and publishers would start calling. Yoo-hoo, I’m home now and the line is free!

Steph T.