I’ve sent off the last of my requested manuscripts today and finally can start in on my newest project – a series called T.A.G. There will be a new link on my website for it soon, complete with characters and excerpts. It’s been brewing in my mind for a while, and thanks to the rain here yesterday, some of it actually got onto paper. It’s a good feeling. Would have been better without the familiar *thwack* of a rejected manuscript against my front door this afternoon (an agent who just doesn’t love me *snif*), but I fortified myself with some chocolate and the consolation of my wonderful friend and super author, Katie Bryan , and I’m better.

Also, I just switched web hosting services (thank you, all great and powerful webmistress – also known as supertalented author Marjorie Jones ) so I’ve got lots of cool new stuff, including an easier way to email me and a way to sign up for my newsletter. The first issue will come out as soon as I have a contract. Also, I plan to use this blog regularly and to give you the same kind of information I used to give in my now-defunct News & Reviews page. This way, I can keep up with it daily and you don’t have to wait a whole month for the new and fun stuff I find surfing the web when I’m supposed to be writing.

Speaking of which (surfing, not writing, although this does combine the two), check out The Passionate Pen’s interview with Liz Maverick this month – she’s got a great list of rule we are allowed to break as writers – she calls it using business savy to get what you want.

Okay – T.A.G. is calling (no, really, that’s my daughter, but still . . .) Til next time.

Steph T.