Yeah – I finally finished TOD – only took forever (okay – not even close, but it felt like it.) Some of the books fly out of me and some of them crawl out. But once I sat down and demanded my characters actually speak to me, everything was fine. I’m in the process of revising another manuscript and starting the next book in my paranormal trilogy.

My daughter’s appointments in Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital went well, but we’re still going up to Yale/New Haven Children’s Hospital for another opinion (she has a really bad scoliosis & needs some surgery this summer.) I think it’s kind of funny that my daughter, the princess, has some of the most famous docs in the world – the doc who operated on her trachea was just on Oprah! and in People magazine because he managed to take the trach tube out of the now nine-year-old survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing (Thank you Dr. Cotton – an amazing surgeon). Then again, my daughter does nothing on a small scale ever Gotta love her.

I’ve decided that Star magazine is my new favorite – mindless gossip is always better than looking at pictures of ballgowns I’ll never wear. Also read an interesting article in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine on Bonnie Fuller, who’s now the Editor-in-Chief at Star – she doesn’t seem well liked by her staff at all. Good stuff – lots of juicy gossip.

That’s all for now. Back to writing – cross your fingers that my new characters will start talking soon.