. . . and it looks like more snow is coming on Friday, if you believe the weather report.
I’m anxious for spring, but, till then my daughter and I just cozy up at home and nest.

Okay – here’s today’s horoscope for ARIES:

A place far away that you haven’t visited for a while, yet long to see again, could be on your mind throughout the day, dear Aries. You
might toy with the idea of getting on a plane and going there, but aren’t really sure if you actually can. Nonetheless, it certainly won’t
hurt to look into it. What is the plane fare? Where can you stay? Learning these facts might help later when it comes time to make a

Hmmm, sound like my inner Aries does want me to go to the Congo. I usually don’t read my horoscope, but somehow it’s being
delivered daily to my email and I’ve become slightly addicted.

Got more writing done today on Truth or Dare and sent it off to a critique partner for love and guidance (and spell-checking too). My
husband likes the new Bombshell chapters (it’s titled Flying Blind), and he’s very honest about my writing, so I can trust him.
Hopefully, those chapters will go out to Harlequin/Silhouette on Friday. Keep everything crossed for me.

Missed the rerun of The Apprentice tonight – talk about addicting. I really wanted to see why Heidi was fired. She kind of grew on me
after a while. And I love the new USA show, Touching Evil. The hero is a very cool guy with no inhibitions, thanks to a bullet through
his frontal lobe. It’s very amusing to watch him stripping in the middle of an airplance reciting poetry.

Until next time – take care 🙂