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Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds
October 2015
Book Two of the Mirror Series

Jacoby Razwell has been a grifter, a vic and an FBI agent in WITSEC…

He’s also the brother of a serial killer.

Jacoby Razwell comes from a family of gypsies, tramps and thieves…but when he discovers that his sister, Jessica, is a killer, he immediately tries to extricate himself from her. In retaliation, his sister leaves him badly scarred, words of warning carved into his body. He immediately runs to Special Agent Ward Thayer, the man in charge of the unsolved murders that Jacoby knows his sister is behind.

Ward takes him in and puts him under the FBI’s protection. But Jacoby wants more, and, after a year of cooperating with the FBI, he insists on entrance to the Academy. Jacoby completes the training at Quantico with flying colors, and soon he’s hunting Jessica—and other serial killers—next to Ward. They’ve become partners at work and partners at home…until Jessica finds a way to tear them apart.

Now, charged with protecting a witness who has his own dangerous secrets to hide, Jacoby and Ward must attempt to bring Jessica to justice at last, all the while knowing that this time they’ll have to run toward danger and put their lives—and relationship—on the line.



January 5, 2016
Book Four of the Section 8 Series

Assassin Dante “Malice” Becket is a ghost. He's forced to step out of the shadows when he's hired to find Sienna O’Sullivan, who’s been on the run for two years. But when the mission takes a deadly turn, the two find themselves on the run, fighting an undeniable attraction, and trying to avoid capture.
Section 8 operatives Ethan and Key are trying to save Sienna from an assassin—which is not going to be easy, given the fact that the man they’re hunting is all but invisible. So when they learn that the killer is actually protecting Sienna, the game is changed. And when a shocking betrayal puts them all in peril, will four people who can’t put their faith in anyone find a way to join forces to save themselves?


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New Adult


July 27, 2015
Book Four of the Defiance Series

The reluctant truce between the Defiance MC and Keller's mafia was borne out of a shared hatred for the Lords of Vengeance—bloodthirsty thugs who pose a deadly threat to both Defiance's survival and Keller's people. For Rebel, a legacy member of Defiance, this means more than just a secondary war in an already brutal postapocalyptic world: Declan, one of Keller's main assassins, has moved to the Defiance compound.

He and Declan have a history, one that Rebel walked away from when the relationship threatened to become more than just covert sex. Now Rebel's charged with keeping Declan close, and the proximity means more than being faced with his mistake—Rebel's been hiding his preference for men from his MC. Is he willing to lose Declan…or Defiance?

When Declan goes after a mysterious group called the Nomads, Rebel realizes that the LoV isn't the biggest enemy Defiance faces. But when one of Declan's jobs threatens to put the MC—and Rebel—in direct danger, Declan's deepest secret is revealed. A secret no one in Defiance is prepared for, and one that will force Rebel to choose between his head and his heart.


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Into The Storm

Into The Storm

ACRO operative Rig Bastion is undeniably straight. But a highly-charged incident with another operative, Noah Ward, has been on his mind for five incident that has left Rig angry and confused, and harboring a massive grudge against the other man. So when he's sent on an undercover mission that requires him to pretend to be Noah's lover, he's thrown into a storm of turmoil that threatens to blow both agents' covers and put them in danger unlike anything they've ever known.

ACRO operative Noah Ward is undeniably gay. The last person he wants to work with is Rig, the man he hasn't been able to stop thinking about since the day that destroyed their friendship. But as they descend deeper into the vile world of Roland Marcanza, a world where humans with special abilities are hunted for sport, danger brings them closer...and the fake relationship gradually becomes far too real. And when their cover is blown and they become potential trophies for a hunt, they suddenly have to fight not only for their love, but for their lives...

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