Questions about the Clan of the Eternal Wolf series
Such as: How many books are planned for the Eternal Wolf Clan series? Get the answer!
Questions about the Shadow Force series
Such as: Is the Shadow Force Series connected to the Hard to Hold Trilogy? Get the answer!
Questions about the Hard to Hold Trilogy
Such as: Is the trilogy stand-alone? Get the answer!
Questions about Stephanie's Category Romances
Such as: Where can I buy your Blazes? Get the answer!
Questions about Sydney Croft
Such as: Who is Sydney Croft? Get the answer!
Questions about Stephanie
Such as: Who is your agent? Get the answer!
Questions about Writing
Such as: What's the best advice you ever received? Get the answer!
Questions about Everything Else
Such as: Where can I buy your books? Get the answer!

The Clan of the Eternal Wolf Series

Dire Needs

How many books are planned for the Eternal Wolf Clan series?

Answer: Right now, there are two full-length novels out, Dire Needs and Dire Wants, as well as an eSpecial novella, Dire Warning. There is one more Dire book definitely coming out, Dire Desires, in Summer 2013, and if all goes well, there are plans for several more books in the series.


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The Shadow Force Series

How many books will there be in the Shadow Force Series?

Answer: As of March 13th, 2013, there will be four books and a novella to complete the series.  The novella, Lonely is the Night, is Reid and Grier's story, and it also introduces a major character in the new series, Section 8.  SO you might be seeing some Shadow Force characters appear in those Section 8 books.  What can I say - it's hard to leave characters behind!


Lie With Me
Book 1:
Lie With Me
Night Moves
Book 4:
Night Moves

Is the Shadow Force Series connected to the Hard to Hold Trilogy?

Answer: The hero of Lie With Me, Cameron Moore, was introduced in Book 3 of the Hard to Hold Trilogy, Hold on Tight. And while the trilogy is complete, Shadow Force is certainly a spin-off, set in the same world and they are the same type of book – romantic suspense with military heroes, and highly emotional and action-packed reads.

Will Reid and Grier from Night Moves get their own story?

Answer: Yes! Their story will be told in a long novella, Lonely is the Night which comes out March 2013 from NAL as part of their eSpecial program!

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The Hard to Hold SEAL Trilogy

Hard to Hold

When will these books be available?

Answer: All three books are now available!
Book 1: Hard To Hold
Book 2: Too Hot To Hold
Book 3: Hold On Tight

What format will these books be available in?

Answer: They are published as Mass Market paperbacks and ebook editions.

Where can I find out more information?

Answer: Check this page for updates / covers / and a character series index.

Hard to Hold

Is the trilogy stand-alone?

Answer: Yes… and no. Absolutely, you can pick up any of the books and get a complete reading experience that resolves the main hero / heroine relationship. However, I love my subplots, and they do continue – Hard To Hold continues a subplot into Too Hot To Hold, and then a new subplot in Too Hot To Hold continues in Hold On Tight. So, for the peak reading experience, I think it’s best to read the books in the order I wrote them. And, of course, you need to read all of them. And then buy multiple copies and give them as gifts to everyone you know. What? Books make great gifts… buy a book, save the world! Or a SEAL, as it may be.

Were any of these books harder to write than the others?

Answer: Too Hot To Hold was the most difficult for me to get a handle on. I’ve been told by my very patient editor that often the second book in a continuing trilogy is enough to make an author want to beat her head against the wall. Okay, she said it a lot nicer than that, but still.

Hard to Hold

Do you picture celebrities when you’re creating your characters? Real people you know?

Answer: Neither. Especially not the real people because, hi, that’s weird. It’s like when people want their names used as the main character in my books and no way, cannot do that. I can picture my characters clearly in my head, well enough to describe them to you, but with enough left to the imagination that you can create your own picture in your head.

Did you pick the titles for your trilogy?

Answer: Sort of, kind of one of the titles. Ish. How’s that for an answer? Not what you were looking for? Okay, here goes.

I’ve been obsessed with the title, Hard To Hold, for quite a while now. I think I titled two manuscripts that will never see the light of day that. In fact, when Sydney wrote her first proposal, Unleashing The Storm was actually called Hard To Hold. Of course, once it was written in the contract like that, no one ever referred to the book like that again and we came up with Unleashing The Beast very quickly (and Beast was quickly vetoed and replaced with Storm.) But I digress.

So when I sold the SEAL series, Book 1 was Harder To Breathe (because I love that song), book two was Hard to Handle and Book 3 was Hard To Hold. And then my editor, Shauna Summers said that Harder To Breathe made her think of an asthma attack and well, yes, she’s right and so we went round and round trying on titles. Most of the ones I came up with were too suspensey and not enough of the romance angle. And then Shauna called and said, Nita Taublib (exec VP at Bantam) suggested these: Hard To Hold, Too Hot To Hold and Hold On Tight. And I loved them. And finally, I get to use, Hard To Hold as a real title.

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Stephanie's Category Romances

Hard to Hold

Are you planning on writing Rev's story next? What about Hollywood?

Answer: Happily, this series is open-ended! I've started Rev's book but I have no firm dates for these, as I'm busy finishing up my Bantam Navy SEAL trilogy. So really, there will be plenty of SEALs to go around.

Hard to Hold

Are Ty and Samantha from Coming Undone getting their own story?

Answer: This is a hard one – I get more mail about this couple than any other… and as much as I’d like to tell you yes, I really do believe that their story is complete.

Hard to Hold

Where can I buy your Blazes?

Answer: Typically, the shelf life of a category book is approximately one month in brick & mortar stores, but you can still find them in eBook form online! You can click on the cover of any book on this site to take you to a handy ordering pane with links to lots of online stores. If I know about a link, I'll post it there. Here are the ordering panes for Coming Undone, Beyond His Control, and Risking It All.

If I send you money, can you send me your Blazes that I can’t find?

Answer: Unfortunately, I can’t fulfill this request. I use my author copies for contests, so keep your eyes open for impromptu contests. Again, even after the Blazes sell out of their print versions, they are still available as eBooks! All of the links I know about are in the ordering pane of each book: Coming Undone, Risking It All, and Beyond His Control.

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Sydney Croft

Who is Sydney Croft?

Answer: Sydney Croft is the pen-name for co-authors Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione.

What genre does Sydney Croft write?

Answer: Sydney writes Paranormal Erotic Romance. Sydney’s books are classified as Erotica, so they are a much hotter, more graphic read than her Blazes or her romantic suspenses.

How did you and Larissa come to write as Sydney Croft?

Answer:Sydney was born from Hurricane Katrina. You see, Larissa was living in Mississippi during that fateful time and she was forced to evacuate. I was so worried about her that I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I was supposed to be writing a follow-up to a novella my agent was shopping to publishers. I wrote a scene about a man who was a draw to the weather and was driving into a hurricane, but I couldn’t get past that. And months passed and Larissa mentioned, as she did every few months, that we should try writing together. And so I sent her the scene.

What am I supposed to do with this? she asked.

Write the heroine, I tell her.

Who is she?

Me: No idea. Remy just found her naked in the shower. Your turn.

Larissa: You do realize that you’re asking a traumatized hurricane victim to write a book that centers around hurricanes, right?

Me: (after a long pause) It’ll be cathartic.

It was. It was also loads of fun. That first scene turned into Riding The Storm, book 1 in our first trilogy and we’re still writing together. And having a blast.

If you’d like to learn more about the Storm trilogy, the Agency for Rare and Covert Operatives and what it’s like to co-write books, please visit

How does writing the Sydney Croft books differ from writing your Stephanie Tyler books?

Answer: Well, beyond the obvious of, I’m not writing the Sydney Croft books by myself and I have Larissa to constantly bounce things off of – for me, since the Syd books are paranormal, I get to indulge my tendency to take things over the top. I get to go places in those books that don’t fit into my contemps or my Romantic Suspenses.

When I set out to write either the Tyler or Croft books, it usually starts out with a line that’s caught my attention. I’ve no doubt had the hero in my mind for ages before that, and so the line, whether it be a line of dialogue from a TV show or a line from a song, just clicks and I go, oh, so that’s what [insert hero's name] is all about. And from there, it just seems to work.

What format are the Croft books available in?

Answer: Trade paperback and ebook format.

Hard to Hold

How do you and Larissa co-write together?

Answer: We’ve done tons of interviews and answered this question as best we can. You can check out some of the more recent interviews here: Jennifer’s Random Musings.

What about Sydney Croft – is Taken By Fire really the last ACRO book?

Answer: Larissa and I always planned on the ACRO series having a six book arc, so yes, it’s the last in the series. We do plan on doing some short stories and novellas set in the ACRO world at some point, hopefully next year. And we do plan on continuing to work together – we’ll let you all know as soon as we can about upcoming projects!


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Who is your agent? Who handles your publicity?

Answer: The people who represent me are invaluable for getting my books into your hands. For their most updated information, please follow this link.

Why do you write romance?

Answer: This is a great question. The answer I’m going to give you is long, and it’s part of a post I made over at Romancing The Blog, but it explains why I love the genre as much as I do:

I came to the genre of romance writing late in my career. For a while, I was writing poetry and short stories, and then I moved into the more academic world of studying and dissecting literature and finally teaching. And then I was trying to write the great American novel, but nothing ever came of it. And then I had a baby.

And then my world changed forever.

Romance gave me that brief respite I needed when I couldn’t deal with doctors and nurses and beeping machines and people telling me things might be taking a turn for the worst, and most of all from the guilt of not being able do more to help my daughter. All I could do was sit there and wait. In the romances of Tami Hoag’s Lucky’s Lady, Suzanne Brockmann’s Out of Control and Cherry Adair’s Kiss and Tell, I was able to lose myself in a totally different world, one where happy endings abounded and the hero and heroine saved each other.

I don’t know if any of these authors will ever know how they saved me, but ladies, you did it in a major way. You made me want to pay it forward by writing romance novels and deepened my respect for both writers and readers of the genre.

I also don’t know if romance writers fully comprehend how much good they do, how much joy they bring to people everywhere, every day, but I’m going to attest to it here from firsthand knowledge. I’m not really sure that any other genre can quite claim to do the same thing, so this is my thank you to all of from this reader of romance. Romance writers possess a greater courage than they know (beyond dealing with the stereotypes they’re often labeled with) – they dive into the complex emotions that surround love and sex and men and women, and they delve and prod the human psyche and create characters so memorable I’d swear some of them were alive. And that’s what I strive to do in every book I write.

So, how else do I pay it forward as a writer of the genre?

I try and create heroines I know my daughter would be proud of, or proud to be. They might not be as strong physically as my heroes, but they can kick ass, all-around, any day of the week, once they’re up and running. And yes, they often need to be saved on some level, but don’t we all? I try and explore the symbolism of the save on many different levels – the physical save and the emotional one, the obvious save and the save you didn’t even realize you needed.

My daughter’s getting better every day, and so is my writing. I’m proud to call myself a romance writer, and I just hope that one day I’m given the chance to help a reader lose themselves for just a few hours. Because, in the end, it’s all about giving someone their HEA.


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How long does it take you to write a book?

Answer: To write the dirty draft? Not long at all. To get it all polished up and ready to go? At least one major revision and a few smaller ones. It's the way I roll. I wish I could be a cleaner, more linear writer, but I'm not. In the end, I come up with something I'm proud of and can stand behind. So all together, from draft to CEs? Probably 6 – 9 months all together.

What books on writing do you recommend?


Even though I’m a former English teacher, I’ve never been big on books that claim to teach you how to write. I always tell people that most of the information they find in those books will be worthless until they actually write their own book, no matter how bad it may be.

I’m assuming that if you’re writing a book, you’re a voracious reader and have therefore imbibed a lot of the structure and pacing of telling a story. So you work with that, and, once the words are there on paper, you have something to plug into the, how to, books.

That being said, I’ve got a shelf full that I’ll turn to if I’m stuck on something or just need inspiration.

My favorite is Stephen King’s On Writing. You should run out and get that one right now.

Others include:

Writing The Breakout Novel
Donald Maass

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers
Christopher Vogler

Goal, Motivation & Conflict
Debra Dixon

Hero with a Thousand Faces
Joseph Campbell

The Marshall Plan
Evan Marshall

Romance Writing for Dummies
Julie Beard

Erotic Romance Writing for Dummies
Alison Kent

The Way of the Cheetah
Lynn Viehl
Ebook only

I also read a lot of nonfiction books for research.

When I’m writing my milroms, I stay away from reading milroms, just because they make it hard for me to concentrate. On the other hand, when I’m writing the Sydney books, I have no problem reading paranormals or erotica, so go figure. Whatever your comfort level is, go with it but remember, you must read within your genre to stay current.

Do you have a writing schedule?

Answer: I’d love to have a writing schedule that puts me at x number of pages per day. However, I think I might be genetically incapable of both that and plotting, although I attempt both every once in a while. I try to write every day, but my style tends more toward writing a large amount in a two day period and then not much the following days, although during that time I’ll usually edit. I also write out of order and I work on multiple projects at once. I’ve tried to change this, but since it’s working for me I’m not going to question it.

Do you think unpublished writers should have a website and/or a blog?

Answer: Yes. Someone once told me that you should prepare for the career you want to have, and I think an online presence is key in today’s market. Blogging, for me, serves a multi-fold purpose. First, it’s a great way to reach out to other writers for support, it’s a great way to connect with readers and it serves as a writing warm-up. Plus, I find it fun. If you don’t find blogging fun, you shouldn’t do it, but even a one or twice a week post, if your readers know to expect that schedule for you, is a way to keep your website fresh and updated. And that’s the key to a website – to get people to come back and visit again and again.

Do you work with a critique partner?

Answer: Yes. I started out in a larger critique group and gradually moved to two smaller ones. I was very lucky with the experiences I had in all my groups. Today, I work mainly with Larissa Ione and my editors.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Answer: Working from home has a lot of benefits and pitfalls. The pitfalls can make you unproductive, since there’s always something else to do around the house besides write. So being my own boss is tough, because I have to be harder on myself than any outside boss could be in order to get the writing done. But I’ve always wanted to write for a living, so I’m grateful to be able to have the chance to make the dream a reality.

What’s the best part of your job?

Answer: The best part of my job is that I love what I’m doing. I love writing. I also love being able to stay in pajamas most of the day and justify it as a necessary part of my job. I’m lucky enough to be able to write full-time (well, as full-time as it can be with a homeschooled kid.) and I’m eternally grateful for that.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Answer: I’ve gotten a lot of good advice. One of the best was, finish the book. It sounds so simple, but until you actually finish your first book, you don’t really know if you can do it. So that’s what I’m going to tell you – finish the book. It doesn’t matter if that book never sees the light of day or not. The fact remains that you understand how to get from the beginning to the end of something.

What genre(s) do you write?

Answer: I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, paranormal erotic romance. All of my Stephanie Tyler books can also be classified as military romance.

Where can I find a list of your past and present releases?

Answer: Check out my printer-friendly booklist!


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Everything Else

Who is that Jake guy you’re always talking about on your blog?

Answer: Jake’s one of my Navy SEAL characters who wants his own book. Like any good alpha male romance hero, he’s not happy about having to wait his turn. You can find the full blog post entries of Jake’s continuing saga from the beginning at Jake & Co. His book, titled, Hard To Hold, was published on November 24, 2009 by Bantam Dell, followed by his brothers’ books on January 5, 2010 and January 26, 2010 – for more information, please go here.

What is military romance?

Answer: I love writing about Military heroes, so calling what I write Military Romance, or milrom, seemed natural. Some of my books are very action/adventure, while some feature soldiers, or ex-soldiers, in a non-military setting, but they all find and fall in love in some of the most unlikely places. You can read excerpts from some of my books here.

Where can I buy your books?

Answer: You can purchase my books through Amazon or any other online bookstore as well as most brick & mortar bookstores, like Barnes & Noble, Target, Costco and the like. Sign up for my newsletter or check my frequently updated blog for more details concerning pre-orders and giveaways as the time gets closer to my new releases. You'll also find an ordering pane at the end of every excerpt. If I know where to find a book, I'll put the link in that books' ordering pane.

How do I request a cover quote?

Answer: Please requests cover quotes through my agents. Here's their contact info.

Who designed your site?

Answer: Waxcreative Design, Inc.

How can I ask you a question you haven’t answered here?

Answer: You can contact me here or check out my blog.