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Most are book-related extras to enhance your reading experience, but also some insight into the writer's experience. This page is your index to all of my extras. What else would you like to see? I hope you enjoy!


Photo at right: Stephanie looks like she is hard at work writing her novel, but what is really going on is a bunch of Extras work: A) She is searching on Google Maps for the perfect fishing village on the Mozambique coast in which to hide a nuclear weapon, B) Uploading photos from Malawi to her Flickr page, C) Determining the difference (if any) between a garter belt and a corset girdle in New York’s dominatrix subculture, or D) Playing Lexulous on Facebook. You decide.


I've always written to - and found inspiration for writing - through music.  

iTunesWhy soundtracks for individual books? Well, I love music - I love how you can listen to a song you loved ten years ago and immediately, it can bring you back to where you were and who you were with at that time. It centers you, cements memories and allows you to recall them immediately.  

Music drives me, and I wanted to share the soundtracks for each of my books with you. Follow this link, listen now (through your iTunes) and enjoy!


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Why the African settings? I love Africa and have been several times. My husband grew up there and it’s so rich in culture and possibilities for this writer’s mind. I have zillions of photos. I add to my Flickr page all the time.


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Too Hot to Hold Maps | Hard to Hold Maps | Sydney's Maps

I love to set my stories in fabulous far away places, usually in various African spots. Here are maps to help you locate and visualize places mentioned in my books. More to come as more books hit shelves. Click on any map thumbnail to get a closer look (a new window will open).

Too Hot to Hold Maps

The DRC aka the Congo

The DRC (aka the Congo), Africa
The Congo is where Nick (Too Hot to Hold) first met up with Kaylee's ex-husband on a mission—and it's where Nick and Kaylee must return to face down their ghosts.

Hard to Hold Maps

Djibouti, Africa
The Republic of Dijbouti is a country in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. This is where Jake and Nick find Dr. Isabelle Markham, badly hurt, in the beginning of Hard to Hold.

This is where the brothers in the Hard to Hold trilogy live and work, as their SEAL Team is based out of Virginia.

This is the setting for many of the plots in the Hold trilogy - from Dijbuoti (Hard to Hold) to the Congo (Too Hot to Hold) and beyond, this continent is both magical and tragic at once.

Zimbabwe, Africa
This is the country where Sarah Cameron from Hard to Hold and Too Hot to Hold, grew up.

Sydney's Maps
Sydney's books all head to New York at some point. Here is a map to help you find the places mentioned in my books.

Catskill, NY
This town is the home of the compound for the ACRO Organization that houses the X-men types. It stays the same in every Sydney book - although they're traveling in every book, seeking their enemies. So this is their home base.


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Character Lists

Eternal Wolf Clan series: Dire Warning, Dire Needs

Hard to Hold series: Hard to Hold, Too Hot to Hold, Hold on Tight

Shadow Force series: Lie With Me, Promises in the Dark, In the Air Tonight, Night Moves

Blaze trilogy

Sydney Croft:
ACRO Operatives
The ACRO Organization