Sven for the week came in around 8K. Over half came this weekend with Sydney book 5, so I’m pretty happy. Once Larissa and I get rolling on the Syd books, they tend to fly, so I’m hoping this one will follow that pattern.

I was thinking this weekend about moments – I’m talking those gut-wrenching, tear your heart out moments, in books or movies or TV shows – and how they can be so simple and yet so profound at the same time.

What got me thinking about it was this weeks Grey’s Anatomy, when Army guy (OMG – Boone would kill me for calling him Army guy) tells Christina that she’s beautiful. It seriously made me put my hand to my heart, it was so simple and romantic and perfect. It’s like that moment in The Holiday when Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are lying together in his daughters’ tent and one of the girls mentions the 3 Muskateers and you know that’s what Cameron’s family used to call each other and Cameron and Jude touch hands and…sigh. Just sigh.

I tend to write my books around moments – sometimes I write the moment scenes before anything else and I work backward from there. If I start a book without a moment scene, I feel lost until I plan those out. Cam’s book has a moment scene already for the subplot and I’m brewing on the main plot. And praying my agent likes the proposal as well.

Got any favorite moments from books/movies/TV to share? How was your weekend?

Steph T.

Sven progress & Writeminded

Sven: A little over 1.5K
Migraine: Day 4

Proposal is done and sent to agent. Will hold breath (metaphorically, of course) until she lets me know her thoughts. Revisions on Chris’s book will go to editor Friday. I’m starting to feel free – and it’s a nice feeling.

Today (and last night), it’s onto Syd’s Tempting The Fire (working title.) Have to wrestle Logan and Chance and Marlena into submission. And CREED!!!! I get to write more CREED!!!

I’m over at WriteMinded today – come chat about ghosts!

Steph T.

sleep? sleep is for the weak…

And I’m weak. So, so weak…

Free Will Astrology for Aries for the week of November 20th:

Fifty-five percent of Americans not only believe in guardian angels, but testify that they have been actively aided by the intervention of those divine helpers. Commenting on the results, one religious expert said that “Americans live in an enchanted world.” The 55 percent figure may rise even higher in the coming weeks. A majority of Aries all over the planet, regardless of their religious orientation, could have a mystical experience that will spook and delight them. If you’re one of the chosen ones, don’t get fixated on or distracted by the sheer amazement of the visitation. Make sure you’re alert for its eminently practical guidance.

Dear Guardian Angel.

I seem to always be awake these days, although the alert part waxes and wanes. Still, please choose me to come visit and bring me some sleep. And some firm release dates for my Bantam Trilogy.

Thank you.
I’m over at Sven’s place today, talking about my love for Claire Fontaine notebooks and a certain pilot pen that helps keep me writing.

Sven day 9: 3K between Monday and Tuesday – not bad, considering the kid’s nurse has been sick. Although sometimes, when it’s just us here (with no home therapies) I actually get more done.

Migraine, day 3. Thought it was gone until the kid woke me at 4AM and I realized I shouldn’t have skipped the 1AM med dose. Again, sometimes I work better with the migraine, as I’ll do anything I can so I don’t have to focus on the pain.

Anyway, I’m also focusing on a site redesign – the wonderful Emily & Co over at Waxcreative are doing a fantastic job. One of the reasons I chose them originally was because I adore Jane Porter’s website – and Wax has a blog up about Jane’s site and what makes it so special and reader-friendly. Definitely interesting information if you’re a writer looking to draw people into your site.

Okay, much writing to be done today. I’m hoping to get the new proposal to my agent today or tomorrow and the revisions (which I’m letting sit) to my editor for Friday. And then it’s on to Sydney Croft book 5.

Steph T.

Dear People in charge of scheduling The Unit,

Did you not realize that football would screw it up every single weekend, forcing me to stay up way later than I need to? Especially since DVRs are not smart enough to figure out that they need to tape 1/2 later in order not to cut off half the episode?

Seriously, someone needs to plan better.

Oh, and Dear PBS and every other channel that features kid shows –

What’s with cutting off Boobah and Teletubbies from your roster? Because I need to DVR them so when the kid wakes up in the middle of the night (we’re at 4 weeks now and counting) I need to be able to click a remote and show her her favorite programs instead of fumbling for a DVD. So please, for the love of all that’s good and holy (and for a mother in desperate need of uninterrupted sleep), please put these two shows back on the air.

Thank you.
Anyway, we lived through the 8 hour Verizon Fios installation. When I called Cablevision to cancel my serivce, I was really honest about why I canceled, told them I’d asked repeatedly for better quality signal and to clean up the mess of wires outside my house (which Verizon did in 5 seconds). Of course, Cable ignored what I said, talked about the high fees I’d incur with the new service and said they’d take me back and cut my bill in half for the next year.

Dear Cablevision –

Next time, offer that before people leave. Also, stop leaving messy wires outside people’s houses and telling them that the internet loss isn’t their problem. Do that instead of telling me that I’m going to be paying more with Verizon and I’d respect you in the morning.

Thank you.


Anyway, in spite of all that, I’ve got about 6K or more done, between the proposal and the synopsis and the revisions (which are just about done, way ahead of the Dec 1st due date so yeah!)…looks like I’ll be getting to Syd book 5 sooner than later, which is awesome. Are you doing the Sven thing? How’s it going for you?

How was your weekend?

Okay, off to do some massive writing / revision / proposal clean-up. And pray for the return of Boobah.

Steph T.

shifting gears

Sven yesterday: 1226 words + longhand synopsis (synopsis is hanging at about 1500 words)

Today, I got some light revisions for Chris’s book (Hold On Tight – book 3 in the SEAL trilogy) thumped against my door – I’ll be motoring fast on those and then all three of the SEAL books will go into copy edits at the same time. That’s both great (since they’re so closely connected) and horrid (mainly because I hate copy edits and doing 3 sets at once could easily topple me over the edge.)

But I’m relieved that my editor liked the revisions I’ve done thus far – majorly relieved.

So I’m going to try to finish the proposal and get a nice chunk of the revisions done as well. Except, of course, the weekend promises to be busy, since we’re having Verizon Fios installed tomorrow (which I’m hearing can be a 6 hour process) and I have a dinner tomorrow night.

I must make use of today and tonight.

Gotta run.

Steph T.

no surrender

Dear stupid bureaucracy-ish people I dealt with all day yesterday who sucked up all my time, energy and generally made me want to beat my head against the wall,

I know you’re lying. And trust me, I can confuse you far more easily than you can me. Just ask Larissa or my editor about my powers of confusion.

All best-

BTW, if you’re dealing with annoying, lying people, I’ve found it best, if possible, to either record them if it’s allowed in your state and / or put everything in writing (via email) and save all responses. That way, the inaccuracies (read: lies) can be recorded very easily for future reference. Oh, and when you’re on the phone, play Time Is Running Out by Papa Roach in the background (I refuse / to surrender…)

I’ve got a raging migraine – hopefully, meds and coffee will all kick in soon, since I need to get my ass in gear.

Anyone see Brothers & Sisters this past Sunday? My DVR didn’t record it for some reason and I love that show – anything major happen? Is Kevin accepting the Rob Lowe guy’s job offer?

Okay, onto Sven stuff.

I managed 1179 words on the Cam proposal. For a while, I was actually losing words and for most of the day I was at a negative number, which drives me nuts. By 9PM, I finally finished up.

I definintely wrote more, since I worked on the synopsis in bed (longhand) – and then, since kid was up at 3AM (she has officially become the child who needs neither sleep nor food) I wrote about 4 pages longhand on the story as well. So hopefully a good start for day two.

Except, of course, I’m at the point of the proposal where I’m thinking, this is the stupidest premise ever and will never hold together. Parts of it probably won’t, but I’m already so far from my original idea that I know, somehow, it will all work out.




Steph T.

Day 1

I need to come up with better blog titles.

Anyway, today’s goals for Sven include:

– writing 1K on Cam’s proposal
– Firming up the synopsis on Cam’s proposal. (note: firming up is a nice way of saying, string together the crap I’ve written in short little sentences all over the place and try to make it make any kind of sense at all. Not an easy task. But hey, it’s day 1 – if I can get this done early, I’ll be in good shape.)

Zoo’s away tonight – he left at 4AM this morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Ironic, since this is the first night in 3 weeks that the kid slept through the entire night.


So yes, no sleep plus husband away plus kid and dog recovering from the trauma of being left with the dogsitter while we were away for ten days equals .

Will check back in later. Had forgotten how much easier blogging is than actually writing. :LOL:

Steph T.

Sven again

It’s November and it’s time for the Sweating With Sven writing challenge! Come on over to the Sven blog, read about the sponsors and sign up today!

Writing is a tough business. We spend so much time alone, in our own heads and rooms and we created this challenge to take away some of that isolation – originally, the challenge was conceived as a way to help each other along, to challenge one another and to give one another a push when the going gets too tough to go it alone.

For this challenge, I’m working on two books – one is my Sydney Croft book 5, which I’d like to get done before early December (and I know Larissa does too!) – the other is my proposal and then, hopefully, the full book that goes along with it, for March. The challenge is over at the end of January – so I’d like to be over halfway through that book by then.

Who’s in?

Steph T.