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Pt 2 – Manspeak & Dolphin squeaks

Picture it – a kitchen on New Year’s Eve.

Me:  We’re eligible for a phone upgrade tomorrow – we can get our iPhones!

Zoo:  I don’t think I am.

Me:  We got our phones the same day.  Same account.

Zoo:  Oh.  Okay.

Me:  So I can either order them from Sprint and they’ll take a few days to come or you can stop in a Sprint store in the city and grab them.

Zoo:  Okay.  Why don’t you have them sent.

Me:  Sure.  You’re not near any Sprint stores?

Zoo:  (without a hint of irony and / or recognition)  Well, there’s a Sprint store in my building.


Zoo:  You want me to get them?


Zoo:  So I’ll get them.


6 thoughts on “Pt 2 – Manspeak & Dolphin squeaks

  1. Don’t you just love man logic? All you can really do is look at them and shake your head sometimes. This sounds like a converstaion that would happen at my house.

    • I know…I was like…I couldn’t…

      There are no words.


      At least my Manspeak book will have lots of chapters.

  2. LOL – I do remember it being more expensive sending the iPhones to you. Hubby has SPRINT too, and when his old phone got lost he called to see if he could get an upgrade. He had like three weeks.

    But I remember it being much more expensive them sending the phone than him walking in the Sprint Store to get mine.

    • You know, I didn’t even think about that! No one at Sprint mentioned it (of course…)

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